Celebrating Global Meeting’s Industry Day at CWT Meetings & Events

The second annual Global Meeting’s Industry Day took place last week. Events were held across the globe, to demonstrate the measurable impact that meetings have on businesses, economies, and communities.

Here at CWT Meetings & Events we celebrated this special day by asking our country leaders to share why they were so proud to work in the meetings and events industry.

“We provide the double impact of creativity and efficiency” – Cindy Fisher, Senior Vice President and Global Head

“We make our customers Dreams come true” – Pernilla Andrén, Regional Senior Director, EE, Baltics and Nordics Zone

“We bring together the right people, at the right time, to the right place” – Tobias Heusinger von Waldegge, Head of Sales and Program Management CE, Germany

“We get to create moments of pure magic” – Paul Stoddart, Managing Director, UK, Ireland and Benelux

We hope you all had an inspiring Global Meetings Industry Day!



CWT Meetings & Events 3.0: The Digital Difference

The landscape of meetings & events is changing, CWT Meetings & Events is making bold investments in innovation and our people. We are very excited about the future and more confident than ever that the new 3.0 strategy will make a difference. Here is a short timeline of how we got to where we are today:

Who remembers tools like the overhead projector? When we started out we were providing meetings & events services using tools like these. This was often when audiences just listened and were referred to as attendees. When looking back on these early days of events, we refer to this as 1.0.

In 2.0, the internet emerged in the 90’s and changed the way we met and worked. Information became much more readily available, and attendees were turning up to events more informed than ever.

In short, 3.0 is the perfect blend of our people expertise, creativity and technology to deliver the most efficient and engaging digital experience for our participants, events and Strategic Meetings Management programs.

ME 3.0 strategy video GIF v2

Want to talk more about it? Get in touch with us

Get to know some of our successful M&E women

As today marks International Women’s day, we would like to dedicate this post to celebrate some of our inspiring M&E women.  Find out more about each below:

Gill Day: Senior Director, Global SMM Business Development & Consulting

Gill day 

“This girl can”

Biggest challenge you have faced in your career to date?

I would say progression. At the start of my career the competition was tough moving up the career ladder, so it was challenging to stand out from the crowd.

Which woman do you admire the most?

This changes constantly, one week it can be friends and family, the next a significant career or sportswoman. Right now I’d say Michelle Obama’s as she’s just done a pretty amazing stint as First Lady, which is going to be exceptionally hard to beat!

How do you define woman empowerment?

I guess I just strive to be the best that I can be, hopefully inspiring fellow women along the way. And knowing that there are no boundaries to what we can do if we work at it!

Veronica Flamo: Global Marketing Manager

Veronica Flamo

“Be the woman you needed as a girl.”

Biggest challenge you have faced in your career to date?

When I found myself without a marketing communications leader, it was step up or fall down. Learning to navigate teams that I previously only had minimum contact with on my own was a challenge. Luckily, I found they were all ready to help when asked and guide me through navigating my new responsibilities.

Which woman do you admire the most?

Sophia Bush. She is a powerhouse actress, activist and a great example for young women.

How do you define woman empowerment?

To me women empowerment is all about standing up for what is right and supporting one another in our goals; because when we work together, we succeed together.

Carol Hull: Operations Manager, Group Travel, UK & IE

Carol Hull

“Strive for perfection in what you do and treat each day as a new challenge.”

Biggest challenge you have faced in your career to date?

Balancing motherhood with a career whilst my children were young. I have a real will to win and will not be daunted by obstacles, there is usually a route that can be taken. Most recently I have been challenged with turning around a team, introducing full new process and systems whilst continuing to implement new clients. A great challenge which I have enjoyed immensely.

Which woman do you admire the most?

Theresa May, Angela Merkel and Cressida Dick to name but a few. In our daily dealings we also come across some great women who are doing exceptional things. I think that Theresa May has to be my current most admired woman.

How do you define woman empowerment?

A can do attitude with a fair and sensible approach, hopefully motivating other women to achieve in their fields. Aiming high with a professional positive attitude setting a precedent as to what can be accomplished

Dominique Gayama Sidhoum: Senior Manager, Global SMM Strategy & Solutions

Dominique Sidhoum

“Let all your things have their places, let each part of your business have its time – Benjamin Franklin”

Which woman do you admire the most?

My grandmother for her bravery and incredible will power to live through 20th century wars and revolution in China. Over 90 years old today, she still travels across the world, despite her age!

How do you define woman empowerment?

Time or space does not matter, it’s about girls/ women making decisions for what they want and overcoming the challenges they face – even if it’s gender  specific. It’s also about giving girls/women the same opportunities, particularly in education, so they can realize their full potential.

Biggest challenge you have faced in your career to date?

Reinventing myself at each new job. I have most often taken the challenge to work in different fields and in newly created job positions. The ultimate objective was always to meet targets, but also to make the position sustainable.

Avoiding the 2017 Oscar mix-up at your next event

The biggest mishap in the Oscar’s history occurred last week, after “La La Land” was wrongly announced as the best film winner at the awards. Want to avoid a similar blunder at your next event? We’ve got you covered with our top tips…

1 ) Planning:

Attention to detail is key; no matter how busy you are, always go over and check and even triple check the work that you have done. You can even get a colleague to check through it with you, often we can get consumed by a project and cannot spot any errors that another person might.

Pre-planning is imperative to CWT Meetings & Events when organizing events all around the world. We have the processes and procedures in place to ensure that as few “nasty surprises” as possible crop up during the event.


2) Rehearsals:

Full running orders and rehearsals prior to the start of the event ensures that all stakeholders know what is about to happen and when.

We think it goes within the rehearsal section, but we have always said about event management and planning that you can never assume anything, always double and triple check details. To assume makes a fool out of you and us!


3) Behavior:

When an issue does come up (and it will do), event managers need to be trained in how to behave in order to maximize the best possible outcome. Owning the moment (like Warren Beatty) and making good (like the Director who immediately announced there was a mistake). Always focus on the attendees experience – everything is just details that can be fixed. Showbiz baby!


4) Communication:

Keeping people informed at all times keeps wasted time to a minimum, ensuring that everybody is clear in their roles and responsibilities. Technology can play a huge part in this.


5) Partners:

Something about ethics… yes, mistakes do happen – it’s about how you deal with them at the time that counts. True partnership is about solutions, not blame.

Using our global supplier partnership we know that the people we use onsite will provide the best possible service to any of our clients.


6) Reflection:

Experience and learning… your own and other peoples. No matter how well (or badly!) an event went, the team will always carry out a full debrief to look at what worked and what can be improved on. Reflection can help identify potential unforeseen disaster areas, as well as good practice to carry forward future events.


Welcoming Paul Stoddart, Chris Goundrill and Ana Carolina Zappa to their new roles

CWT Meetings & Events is delighted to kick off the New Year with some exciting new positions within the team.

Paul Stoddart 

Paul Stoddart has been appointed as the new CWT Meetings & Events managing director for the UK, Ireland and Benelux. Bringing over 20 years of meeting and events experience, Paul is looking forward to:

“Joining such a fantastic team and to help grow our M&E business around the world”

paul stoddart.png

Paul Stoddart

Chris Goundrill

Chris Goundrill is the new commercial director for the UK and Ireland. Chris initially joined CWT Meetings & Events as account manager, and most recently took on the role of head of account management. A few words from Chris:

 “With my experience in leading client facing teams and the motivation I get from our customers getting the most out of our their M&E programs, I look forward to leading the UK team to further growth.”


Chris Goundrill

Ana Carolina Zappa

Ana Carolina Zappa is joining the team as EMEA implementation & special projects manager. Ana has transitioned from her previous role as events coordinator for CWT. A few words from Ana:

“My objective is to use my operational knowledge in events to lead all EMEA client implementation projects driving efficiencies, best practices and high level services in conjunction with my global colleagues.”


Ana Carolina Zappa

 On behalf of everyone at CWT Meetings & Events we wish them success in their new roles.